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Understanding Digital 

Do you have a digital strategy? Do you understand the digital experience of your customers?  Do you have a digital marketing strategy to market to leads with trust and efficiency? Contact us to see how we can help design digital solutions for your business. 

Personal Data Processing and Privacy Impact Assessments

Is your personal data processing transparent and clear enough to adapt to ever changing technology, customer expectations, and regulatory demands of GDPR, CPRA and more?  We can provide a comprehensive assessment of your business policies and processes to ensure that you succeed digitally. 

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Information Analysis

Forget Big Data. What you need is Big Information! Is your "Information System" just that- a system of "information" - or is it meaningless pile of data? To improve your business, you need to take advantage of digital technology's ability to produce "information". If you are just producing data, you are likely leaving a lot of value at the table. For a consultation and assessment of your  "information system", please contact us. 

Making Notes


Do you need a project manager, someone to help write Data Processing Addendums, or other assistance? Contact us to see how we can help! 

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Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.