GDPR Intensive Training

GDPR Intensive Training

This intensive GDPR course will cover in-depth important aspects of the GDPR. This is a great course to aid you in your role as a privacy professional responsible for maintaining GDPR compliance.


9:30am-4:30pm Eastern, up to 6 hours; price is per person. 



  • Basic Overview of Privacy in General
  • History of European Privacy Law
  • GDPR Principles
  • Scope
  • Legal Basis
  • Definition of Personal Data
  • Controller versus Processor Classification
  • Notice Requirements
  • Technical and Organizational Security Measures
  • Data Subject Rights
  • Data Subject Recourse
  • Transfers
  • Data Protection Officers
  • Special Categories
  • Auditing/Certification
  • Processors
  • Data Processing Addendums
  • DPIAs
  • Registers
  • Accountability
  • Privacy By Design

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