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Digital Transformation Essentials

Digital Transformation Essentials

If you don't have this fundamental understand of how digital technology helps you achieve your goals, you might make very bad tactical and strategic decisions. Too many businesses run into a digital transformation without really understanding what they are getting themselves into and how they should approach.  To understand the true value of digital transformations, you need to understand the technological boundaries you operate in and how digital technology can break those boundaries. Don't let your digital transformation fail from bad decision making. Learn the essentials of Digital Transformation and make your project a success! 




This course is designed with the following takeaways: 

Understanding that your business is restricted by technological boundaries and that valuable technology is technology that can overcome those boundaries. Learning how Digital Technology Transformations can break major technological boundaries that are barriers to acheiving more success. Understanding how policies and rules are just as important as the new technology implemented. Tips for making wise tactical and strategic decisions. 



Scheduled for 930 am eastern up to 330 pm; 45 min lunch break, 4-5 hours of instruction expected. 

    $1,999.00 Regular Price
    $1,199.00Sale Price
    Presentation Dates: January 24
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