Digital Transformation Basics

Digital Transformation Basics

Blackberry users recently found the end of their support line. Blockbuster is the stuff of history-- past history.  Both companies might have something in common. It is possible that if they understood technological boundaries and how they affect business transformation, especialliy digital transformations, they might still be on top of the world today.


If you don't have this fundamental understand of how technology helps you achieve your goals, you might make very bad strategic decisions. You might not realize that you need to innovate. You might not realize how. You might not realize that some technology simply cannot help you and some can't help you if you won't let it help you.


But if you understand the relationship between digital technology and your goals, and understand how precisely digital technology interacts at a mechanical level to help you achieve your organizational goals, you likely will have a better chance of making the right decisions and avoiding putting your company on a collision course to failure.  This course reveals the concept of technological boundaries and how analyzing your company and environment with this concept can right your course when you are faced with a course correction or under pressure to adapt to the digital world we live in. 


This course is designed with the following takeaways: 

Understanding the relationship between technology and your organizational goals by understanding the concept of technological boundaries, how they affect your business policies, why you can't ignore them, tips on how to identify them, and how to overcome them. 



Scheduled for 930 am eastern to 1230 pm; 2-3 hours of instruction expected.